Alliance Focal Point Organization: NGO Gender Coordinating (NGOGCN)
Contact Person: Emma Kaliya
Postal Address: A225 Lilongwe,Malawi
Telephone: +265 882 5376

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Malawi: Domestic workers denied a childhood and exposed to violence

17 December 15
Regional relevance: Malawi
Mercy wakes up at 03.00 every morning to start her domestic chores. Despite only being 14-years-old, Mercy* is at the centre of the domestic duties at the home where she works. [read more]

Malawi: Looking at rights through the eyes of a visually impaired person

17 December 15
Regional relevance: Malawi
Last week the world and Malawi commemorated International Human Rights Day: a time, among others, to do some soul searching on the rights of people with disabilities. I am visually impaired. In the early 1990s I enrolled with Montfort Demonstration School for both my pre-school and primary school education. During... [read more]

Malawi: Campaign for Female Education in Malawi Calls for Change of Mindset to Keep Girls in School

25 November 15
Regional relevance: Malawi
Campaign for Female Education (Camfed) in Malawi has indicated that although various organizations were coming up with interventions to help the girl child proceed with education, mindset and poverty were still hampering the process of uplifting girls' education. [read more]

Malawi Gender Mainstreaming Training Workshop Report

12 December 14
Regional relevance: Malawi
This is a report of a Gender Mainstreaming training workshop of key government personnel and stakeholders from development partners and civil society organisations in Malawi which took place at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi from 6th-10th October 2014. [read more]

Botswana: Elections- Our fight is not over

30 October 14
Regional relevance: Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Southern Africa (SADC)
As Botswana went to the polls last week for the 11th National Elections, the question remains: where are the women in politics? Many women and gender activists are aware that the faces and voices of women remain underrepresented and drowned out by those of men. [read more]

Malawi: Water Scarcity Increasing Gender Imbalance in Mulanje

21 October 15
Regional relevance: Malawi
Mulanje - The Mulanje Chapter of the Adventists Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Malawi says access to clean safe water is one issue that needs serious consideration as it increases gender imbalance and unfairness on access to the right to economic development. [read more]

Polygamy continues to disempower women

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
In tattered clothes, with a festering wound on her neck, Maria Daidi balances a bag of charcoal on her head and holds the hands of her three young children as she walks down a local street. "I sell charcoal to earn a living for the children and myself. My husband has stopped supporting me and he has another wife.... [read more]

Activists call on President Banda to drive gender equality

20 August 13 | (1) Comment
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
The Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance has called on President Joyce Banda, the only woman head of state in the region, to lead from the front in the struggle for gender equality as she assumes the chair of SADC Heads of State Summit that kicks off today in Lilongwe. In her key note address at the 10th... [read more]

Efforts to curb climate change must include women

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi
Wilson Millanzi, a family man who does business at Golomoti Trading Centre in Dedza explains that deforestation is silently contributing to gender-based violence in rural areas, because their culture forces women to get firewood and many are unprotected walking long distances. "It is indeed high time we think of... [read more]

Sex workers want protection

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
The SADC Heads of State Summit means big business for Ani*, a sex worker who serves at least three clients a night in Lilongwe's social hotspot-Bwandilo. She has a chance to earn some Rands and Dollars, but has to compete with her counterparts from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique who also work in various parts of... [read more]
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