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The Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance established in 2005 is a network of networks that campaigned for the adoption, and now the implementation of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. The Alliance consists of national networks of gender NGOs, country theme clusters and special interest groups. The Gender Protocol - a global first- adopted by SADC Heads of State at the 2008 Summit, provides a "roadmap to equality" because it sets 28 realistic, measurable targets, timeframes (by 2015) and indicators for achieving gender equality in line with Millennium Development Goal 3. It is a key mobilising tool for governments and civil society alike. The history of the Alliance is well documented in the lessons learned booklet and DVD titled Roadmap to Equality.

Since 2009 GL has led the Alliance in conducting research, monitoring and evaluation of the campaign and governments' progress towards implementation of the key provisions of the Protocol, in the annual SADC Gender Protocol Barometer, monthly Roadmap to equality e-newsletter and gathering of case studies of the Protocol@Work. Advocacy is a key strategy to accelerate implementation of the Protocol and empower citizens to make demands of their governments. The Knowledge Quiz, Attitudes Quiz and Citizen Score Card are tools used to measure citizens’ engagement with the Protocol. The Alliance runs joint campaigns such as the adoption of a strong post-2015 agenda.

Since 2011, the Alliance has been working closely with the SADC Gender Unit to provide technical assistance to national gender machineries to update national gender policies and develop costed gender action plans that are aligned to the SADC Gender Protocol.

Gender Links provides the secretariat to the Alliance through the Alliance and Partnerships programme. The key targets of the SADC Gender Protocol inform GL’s three core programmes media, governance and gender justice.

The Alliance has held several meetings to plan and strategise its work.


CSW 58, March 2014
SADC Gender Protocol Alliance meeting report, May 2014
Gender Ministers meeting, July 2014
Civil Society meeting forum, July 2014


Heads of State Summit news supplement, August 2013
Alliance regional strategy meeting, April 2013


SADC Gender Protocol Alliance meeting report, August 2012

Roadmap to SADC Heads of State Summit,
August 2012


Alliance annual meeting, 10-11 August 2011

Governance cluster meeting and relaunch of 50/50 campaign, 4-5 August 2011

Alliance Steering committee meeting, 30 March 2011

Protocol Reseacher's Meeting, 29 March 2011

Costing implementation of the SADC Gender and Development Protocol, Report of think tank meeting, February 2011


SADC Protocol Alliance Meeting, 12-16 August 2010


Report of the Alliance Strategy Review Meeting, March 15 - 18 March 2009


Report of the Alliance Strategy Meeting, August 2008

Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance meeting,  29th - 31st January 2008



SADC's responsibility to champion gender equality post-2015

12 September 14
Regional relevance: Southern Africa (SADC)
In 2008, SADC member states broke new ground by adopting the one-stop-shop of gender equality- the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. When the Protocol came into force in 2012, it was clear that gender equality in the region required political commitment, resources, monitoring and evaluation. Since the... [read more]

Gender Champion

12 September 14
Regional relevance: Namibia, Southern Africa (SADC)
Having worked for the Ministry of Gender Equality since 2002, Victor Shipo can attest to how gender dynamics in Namibia have evolved in the past 12 years. Shipo said that during his tenure as the Director in the Ministry most of the progressive laws Namibia has today, passed through his office. [read more]

Mozambique aligns national strategies with the SADC Gender Protocol

12 September 14
Regional relevance: Mozambique, Southern Africa (SADC)
In August, Mozambique became the latest country in the region to align its National Policy and Strategy with the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. This followed a workshop that brought together focal points of different ministries and their respective planners, members of the Alliance and Gender Links. [read more]

Zambia: Equal rights and media freedom

12 September 14 | (1) Comment
Regional relevance: Southern Africa (SADC), Zambia
On the 25 February 2014, the Lusaka Magistrate's Court acquitted renowned Zambian human rights and HIV activist, Paul Kasonkomona, on charges relating to comments he made on television in support of Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI) rights. In April 2013, Kasonkomona was arrested after he... [read more]

Botswana: Chobe District Council ensuring that women own land

12 September 14
Regional relevance: Botswana, Southern Africa (SADC)
Chobe District Council was recently allocated 600 plots. A total of 4000 applicants applied and qualified for land allocation. The Chobe District Council developed resolutions to control the transfers of land, prioritising allocations to women who had lost their spouses or had lost their inheritance due to customary... [read more]

Polygamy continues to disempower women

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
In tattered clothes, with a festering wound on her neck, Maria Daidi balances a bag of charcoal on her head and holds the hands of her three young children as she walks down a local street. "I sell charcoal to earn a living for the children and myself. My husband has stopped supporting me and he has another wife.... [read more]

Activists call on President Banda to drive gender equality

20 August 13 | (1) Comment
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
The Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance has called on President Joyce Banda, the only woman head of state in the region, to lead from the front in the struggle for gender equality as she assumes the chair of SADC Heads of State Summit that kicks off today in Lilongwe. In her key note address at the 10th... [read more]

Efforts to curb climate change must include women

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi
Wilson Millanzi, a family man who does business at Golomoti Trading Centre in Dedza explains that deforestation is silently contributing to gender-based violence in rural areas, because their culture forces women to get firewood and many are unprotected walking long distances. "It is indeed high time we think of... [read more]

Sex workers want protection

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
The SADC Heads of State Summit means big business for Ani*, a sex worker who serves at least three clients a night in Lilongwe's social hotspot-Bwandilo. She has a chance to earn some Rands and Dollars, but has to compete with her counterparts from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique who also work in various parts of... [read more]

Transforming police services to support women

20 August 13
Regional relevance: Malawi, Southern Africa (SADC)
Pushpa Jamieson, journalist, media trainer and gender activist recounts walking down the corridors of Area Three Police Station in Lilongwe two years ago. Jamieson went there to source information for an article on gender-based violence (GBV) and the police's Victim Support Unit. In the time she was there, she felt... [read more]
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