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GL Opinion and Commentary Service
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The Gender Links (GL) Opinion and Commentary Service provides mainstream media with fresh perspectives on everyday news. The Service is available in English, French and Portuguese.


The key activities for the GL Service are:

  • Commissioning and editing of articles for service
  • Working with writers online to improve skills and stories, as well as recruiting new writers and increasing number of writers to the service.
  • Strengthening the reach and distribution by marketing articles and developing and strengthening relationships with editors in South Africa and the region.
  • Tracking the use of the service

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Initiated in 2003, the English service aims to produce ten opinion pieces each month from writers across Africa and beyond on topical news items. To contribute to the English service, send your story ideas to editor@genderlinks.org.za

The Francophone Service is also available and is anchored in the GL Francophone office. The service produces an average of eight articles every month different from those produced on the English Service. The Francophone Service caters for all French readers and receives contributions from DRC, Madagascar and Mauritius. To contribute to the French Service, send your story ideas to francophone@genderlinks.org.za

Launched in 2011, the Portuguese Service is anchored in the GL Lusophone office. It aims to produce news on various issues including gender and climate change, an issue that affects Mozambique most. Journalists from Mozambique have been recipients of the GL gender and climate change reporting and the gender and economic reporting. The service will soon expand to Angola. To contribute to the Portuguese Service, send your story idea to lusophone@genderlinks.org.za

The articles on all services are uploaded on the GL website for online viewing and sent via the GL list - serve. The French and Portuguese articles are sent to the Francophone and Lusophone list-serves respectively. The pieces are also sent to editors in the region and beyond for republishing in their newspapers and other media outlets.

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*When publishing articles from the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service, the Service must be cited.


Lesotho:Lesotho reminds SADC that gender equality is possible

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
Lesotho ranks highest in the SADC region in having women in political decision making sphere, and this “reminds us that women equal participation is possible and it is important”, excitedly said Gender Links Chief Executive Officer, Colleen Lowe-Morna at the Lesotho SADC Gender Protocol Summit 2014, Maseru Sun... [read more]

Lesotho:Women block gender equality drive in local government - Minister

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
“Women in our communities and nationwide, in local and national governance politics, seem to elect men to be politicians and occupy the most superior political positions in the country.” This was said by the Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, Chief Thesele 'Maseribane, at the official opening of... [read more]

Lesotho:“Yes, we can!” – Lesotho stands up against gender violence

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
As four other summit gatherings of the Gender Links 50/50 by 2015 and demanding a strong post 2015 agenda were currently ongoing, Lesotho was also in the thick of things as the Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, Thesele ‘Maseribane declared the summit open at the Maseru Sun Cabanas on Monday, 14... [read more]

Southern Africa: Five national Gender Summits kick off across the region

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Namibia, Southern Africa (SADC), Swaziland, Zimbabwe
Gaborone, 15 April: As the Botswana national anthem resounded at the opening ceremony of the SADC Gender Protocol @Work Summit at Fairgrounds Holding in Gaborone yesterday, four concurrent gender summits got underway [read more]

Swaziland:Minister Mabuza officially opens the SADC Protocol@Work Swaziland Summit

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Swaziland
Approximately 54 participants are battling it out in this year’s Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol@Work Summit in Swaziland being held under the banner, “Yes we must”. The summit runs from 14 to 16 April 2014. [read more]

Swaziland:Media urged to be more gender-sensitive

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Swaziland
Gender equality in media content and practice remains a dream for Swaziland as revealed at the SADC Protocol@Work Summit that started on 14 April 2014 at Esibayeni Lodge in Matsapha, Swaziland and runs until 16 April 2014. Comfort Mabuza, the National Media Facilitator for Swaziland revealed this hard fact at the... [read more]

Botswana: Gender injustice prevails

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Botswana, Southern Africa (SADC)
Gaborone, 15 April: In her keynote address at the Botswana Protocol@Work Summit opening ceremony yesterday, Kelebogile Kgabi- Deputy Permenant Secretary of the Botswana Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, commended all the participants [read more]

Botswana: Give equal voice to women

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Botswana, Southern Africa (SADC)
Gaborone, 15 April: Professor, Richard Rooney, Head of Media studies at the University of Botswana, which is a Gender Links Gender and Media Education Institution (GIME), highlighted the importance of gender mainstreaming in media [read more]

Botswana: 5050 remains elusive

15 April 14
Regional relevance: Botswana, Southern Africa (SADC)
Gaborone, 15 April: At the opening ceremony of the Botswana SADC Protocol@Work Summit that kicked off yesterday in Gaborone President of the Botswana Association of Local Authorities (BALA) Reverend Moruakgomo spoke about the importance of the 5050 campaign [read more]

Madagascar:Le théâtre radiophonique pour promouvoir le genre à Madagascar

14 April 14
Regional relevance: Madagascar
Le théâtre radiophonique constitue l’une des émissions phares de la radio nationale malgache RNM). Un grand nombre d’auditeurs ruraux et urbains de tous les âges se trouvent collés à leur poste radio pour entendre chaque samedi soir à 20H30 l’émission dédiée au théâtre radiophonique de Sophie... [read more]
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