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GL Opinion and Commentary Service
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The Gender Links (GL) Opinion and Commentary Service provides mainstream media with fresh perspectives on everyday news. The Service is available in English, French and Portuguese.


The key activities for the GL Service are:

  • Commissioning and editing of articles for service
  • Working with writers online to improve skills and stories, as well as recruiting new writers and increasing number of writers to the service.
  • Strengthening the reach and distribution by marketing articles and developing and strengthening relationships with editors in South Africa and the region.
  • Tracking the use of the service

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Initiated in 2003, the English service aims to produce ten opinion pieces each month from writers across Africa and beyond on topical news items. To contribute to the English service, send your story ideas to editor@genderlinks.org.za

The Francophone Service is also available and is anchored in the GL Francophone office. The service produces an average of eight articles every month different from those produced on the English Service. The Francophone Service caters for all French readers and receives contributions from DRC, Madagascar and Mauritius. To contribute to the French Service, send your story ideas to francophone@genderlinks.org.za

Launched in 2011, the Portuguese Service is anchored in the GL Lusophone office. It aims to produce news on various issues including gender and climate change, an issue that affects Mozambique most. Journalists from Mozambique have been recipients of the GL gender and climate change reporting and the gender and economic reporting. The service will soon expand to Angola. To contribute to the Portuguese Service, send your story idea to lusophone@genderlinks.org.za

The articles on all services are uploaded on the GL website for online viewing and sent via the GL list - serve. The French and Portuguese articles are sent to the Francophone and Lusophone list-serves respectively. The pieces are also sent to editors in the region and beyond for republishing in their newspapers and other media outlets.

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*When publishing articles from the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service, the Service must be cited.


África do Sul: Pistorius e um documento final de injustiça

18 September 14
Regional relevance: South Africa, Southern Africa (SADC)
Joanesburgo, 18 de setembro: O mundo está em polvorosa depois que a juíza Thokozile Masipa ilibou Oscar Pistorius do crime de homicídio premeditado da modelo sul-africana Reeva Steenkamp, sua namorada, precisamente no dia dos namorados, 14 de Fevereiro do ano passado. [read more]

Afrique du Sud: Pistorius et un scénario d’injustice

16 September 14
Regional relevance: South Africa
Johannesburg, 15 septembre : Le monde est en effervescence depuis que la juge sud-africaine Thokozile Masipa a trouvé Oscar Pistorius non coupable d’assassinat mais plutôt d’homicide coupable sur la personne de sa petite amie, Reeva Steenkamp. Ce jugement rend simplement négligentes les actes de Pistorius,... [read more]

South Africa: Pistorius and a script of injustice

15 September 14
Regional relevance: International, South Africa
Johannesburg, 15 September: The world is abuzz after Judge Thokozile Masipa found Oscar Pistorius not guilty of premeditated murder, but instead guilty of culpable homicide. This judgement renders Pistorius’ actions merely negligent, closer to a mishap than a murder. Many, including Steenkamp’s family, the... [read more]

Moçambique - Fórum Mulher Debate Igualdade do Género e Violência Doméstica

13 September 14
Regional relevance: Mozambique, Southern Africa (SADC)
Maputo, 13 de Setembro: A luta pela Igualdade do Género é já um imperativo nacional na sociedade moçambicana, como parte da campanha global na promoção dos direitos humanos, em geral e da emancipação da mulher, em particular. [read more]

Na Africa do Sul: Embrace Dignity Advoga pelo Fim da Prostituição

11 September 14
Regional relevance: South Africa, Southern Africa (SADC)
Maputo, 11 de Setembro: Uma organização não-governamental sul-africana dos direitos humanos da mulher, sem fins lucrativos, está a trabalhar, desde 2010 - ano do mundial de futebol na África do Sul, na inserção de mulheres que tencionam abandonar a prostituição. [read more]

Moçambique: Promover a igualdade de género, aceitando a deficiência como um desafio

11 September 14
Regional relevance: Mozambique
Maputo, 11 September: A Associação dos Deficientes Físicos (ARDIF), em Maputo, aposta no emprendedorismo, na promoção da igualdade do género e no auto-sustento - mas pede dignidade aos portadores da deficiência – pois, acredita que a deficiência é apenas um destino e não uma fatalidade ou maldição [read more]

Na Africa do Sul: Erros na Circuncisão preocupam autoridades

10 September 14
Regional relevance: Southern Africa (SADC)
Maputo, 05 de Setembro: A Comissão Constitucional para a Protecção dos Direitos das Comunidades Culturais, Religiosas e Linguísticas da Africa do Sul está agastada com a incidência de casos de circuncisão masculina, sem as mínimas condições de higiene, no País do saudoso Madiba. [read more]

Lesotho: I was gang raped

01 September 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
The date was 3rd September 2011. I left my home with two friends of mine to collect speakers which were lent to a family in the village that had held a feast. While we were waiting for the speakers, two of our friends left and we did not know where they had gone. [read more]

Lesotho: Abused by my own flesh and blood

01 September 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
I am a single woman but I was married and I parted ways with my husband as we had our own issues and I had to return to my family. I moved in with my mother and my brother and my mother passed on , after her death my brother changed and told me that I should go back to my husband. [read more]

Lesotho: Abused because of political differences

01 September 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
I was on my way, when I was at Ha-Makhate a car stopped me and they asked me where I was going and my sister was also there. They forced me to get into the car and took me to the charge office. My sister told the police that I did not want to pay tax and therefore she had brought me there so that they could punish me. [read more]
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