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GL Opinion and Commentary Service
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The Gender Links (GL) Opinion and Commentary Service provides mainstream media with fresh perspectives on everyday news. The Service is available in English, French and Portuguese.


The key activities for the GL Service are:

  • Commissioning and editing of articles for service
  • Working with writers online to improve skills and stories, as well as recruiting new writers and increasing number of writers to the service.
  • Strengthening the reach and distribution by marketing articles and developing and strengthening relationships with editors in South Africa and the region.
  • Tracking the use of the service

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Initiated in 2003, the English service aims to produce ten opinion pieces each month from writers across Africa and beyond on topical news items. To contribute to the English service, send your story ideas to editor@genderlinks.org.za

The Francophone Service is also available and is anchored in the GL Francophone office. The service produces an average of eight articles every month different from those produced on the English Service. The Francophone Service caters for all French readers and receives contributions from DRC, Madagascar and Mauritius. To contribute to the French Service, send your story ideas to francophone@genderlinks.org.za

Launched in 2011, the Portuguese Service is anchored in the GL Lusophone office. It aims to produce news on various issues including gender and climate change, an issue that affects Mozambique most. Journalists from Mozambique have been recipients of the GL gender and climate change reporting and the gender and economic reporting. The service will soon expand to Angola. To contribute to the Portuguese Service, send your story idea to lusophone@genderlinks.org.za

The articles on all services are uploaded on the GL website for online viewing and sent via the GL list - serve. The French and Portuguese articles are sent to the Francophone and Lusophone list-serves respectively. The pieces are also sent to editors in the region and beyond for republishing in their newspapers and other media outlets.

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*When publishing articles from the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary Service, the Service must be cited.


Southern Africa: Not yet economic Uhuru for women

15 August 14
Regional relevance: South Africa
Johannesburg, 15 August: Women's month commemorations in South Africa create ripple effects across the Southern Africa region. When hundreds of women marched to the Union buildings decades ago to demand freedom, it was not only a political activity to make history but a bread and butter issue to mark ‘herstory' [read more]

Thérèse Kirongozi : la marraine du « robot roulage intelligent » à Kinshasa

15 August 14
Regional relevance: DRC
Depuis presque une année, les Kinois, habitants de Kinshasa, capitale de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC), ont découvert deux « robots roulages intelligents », invention unique à ce pays de l’Afrique australe, qui fonctionnent à base d’énergie solaire et régulent la circulation routière dans... [read more]

South Africa: Women of Marikana speak out

15 August 14
Regional relevance: South Africa
Johannesburg, 15 August: South Africa commemorates the second anniversary of the Marikana Massacre tomorrow, exactly a week after the country celebrated Women's Day last Saturday. [read more]

Botswana: "We need to educate women!"

15 August 14
Regional relevance: Botswana
Gaborone, Aug 15, 2014: Gender Links is celebrating women during August, and has just published the 2014 SADC Gender Protocol Barometer which interrogates the gaps hindering gender equality, which among many, include women's disproportionate access to education and the economy. [read more]

Southern Africa: Education crucial for equality and development

15 August 14
Regional relevance: Southern Africa (SADC)
Johannesburg, 15 August: As global and local consultations on an education and training framework post-2015 gain momentum, it is emerging that the current framework has fallen short of closing the gender inequality gap. [read more]

Lesotho: Forced into marriage

15 August 14
Regional relevance: Lesotho
Sometimes one would think that it is a punishment to be a woman from the things that our societies did or still do to us. I am a mother of four, three boys and a girl. I am 49 and go by the name Thandaza. I got married when I was at the very tender age of 15 and I was forced to marry a man much older than me. I had... [read more]

Priya Hein: une Mauricienne qui jongle avec ses multiples vies à la perfection

15 August 14
Regional relevance: Mauritius
Autrefois, la femme africaine n’était qu’un simple pion au sein de la cellule familiale que le chef de famille, en général un homme, pouvait bouger à sa guise et où bon lui semble. Lors de discussions importantes où de grandes décisions étaient prises pour la communauté ou pour elle-même, la femme... [read more]

África do Sul: Oscar Pistorius! Longe da mulher abusada

15 August 14
Regional relevance: South Africa
Joannesburg, 9 de Agosto: Ainda no limiar da estação fria e no mês da mulher sul-africana, pouco tenho para comemorar. [read more]

Moçambique: Cantora Moçambicana projecta trabalhar em prol do bem-estar das raparigas

15 August 14
Regional relevance: Mozambique
Maputo, 15 de Agosto: Uma das poucas cantoras profissionais de Moçambique, Melita Matsinhe aposta na Aliança entre a arte e o activismo a favor to bem-estar da rapariga Moçambicana. [read more]

Afrique du Sud: Oscar Pistorius semblable à une femme abusée ? Dieu nous en préserve !

11 August 14 | (1) Comment
Regional relevance: South Africa
Johannesburg: C’est un froid d’août, mois des femmes en Afrique du Sud, et j’ai beau chercher mais je trouve peu de motifs de célébration. Au lieu de mesurer les progrès accomplis en matière d’émancipation de la moitié de la population sud-africaine après 20 ans de démocratie, les nouvelles sont... [read more]
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