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Beitbridge Town Council COE

Fact file

Country Zimbabwe
Province/Region Matebeleland South
Population 42 000
Baseline Score 64%
Score 2014
Score 2015 62%
Number of women councillors 3
Number of men councillors 3

Joined the COE programme 2010
Summit 2010; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015
Beitbridge is situated in Matebeleland South. This is the town that borders Zimbabwe and South Africa. It experiences high level of migration. Beitbridge border post is one of the busiest borders in Southern Africa. The council has launched a "Go Green, Go Clean" campaign in a bid for a sustainable clean town. Though a border Town, it is one of the cleanest towns in Zimbabwe. The council has experienced tremendous growth in learning and knowing how to mainstream gender from the onset of its interactions with Gender Links through the Local Government COE process. Gender issues were hardly topical in the previous structure. It has now 3 female councillors from 1 in the previous term and the councillors representation is at 50/50.

Drivers of Change

As a councillor in local government I see myself as the go between; between the people and the council and visa versa. Being a business person, I am always ready to talk to people. I'm glad that the community trusts me to bring up issues. On a typical day, I attend council meetings, attend to my ward, and still find time for my family duties and to run my business. Being a councilor is not a 9-5 job. It's done anytime, anywhere; there is no formula.

Comments from participants

"Gender mainstreaming session and Gender Action plans are the cornerstones of gender based programmes

"I will educate others on how gender balance can be effected amongst groups and in workplaces as well as sharing ideas to other females on how we can upgrade each other to be recognised at higher levels."

COE Report card
Stage Description Date Outputs
I Meetings and adoption of COE concept 18 March 2011

Buy-In Report

II Situation analysis 18 March 2010 Situational Analysis
III SADC Protocol on gender and development 18 May 2011 Village Workshop
IV Inception workshop 17 May 2011
Inception Workshop
V Action planning workshop 19 May 2011
Action Plan
VI Adoption of action plan and signing of statement of commitment Statement of Commitment/MOU
VII Media skills – campaigns planning skills (reinforce skills through campaigns)
25-26 June 2013


Media Literacy Report

VIII IT for advocacy (including use of cell phones)
IX Monitoring and evaluation 18 May 2011 Monitoring & Evaluation Report
11 Feb 2013 Monitoring & Evaluation Report (Verification)
X Summit 2010,2012, 2013, 2014,2015
Best Practice Zimbabwe GJLG Summit 2012, 2015



Files to download:
  Beitbridge Town Council Scorecard - 306412 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Buy-In report - 225381 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Monitoring & Evaluation Report - 632996 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Action Plan - 994986 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Situational Analysis report - 277595 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Consolidation Report - 1002669 KB
  16423_beitbridge_town_council_institutionalcase_study.pdf - 217587 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Statement of Commitment - 227166 KB
  Beitbridge Town Council Media Literacy Report - 926541 KB
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